Kazinga Channel has solution for every vertical sector. Our Vertical Solutions approach gives an extra mileage with customers which differentiates us from other IT vendor.

Our market reach is beyond regular marketing paradigms and we have personal integration with our clients.

Vertical Solution approach enables us to systematically offer a One Stop Solution for all client requirements.


The Ugandan banking industry has undergone phenomenal changes over the past few years, Due to stiff competition and customer demands banking industry also demands Quick, Secure and highly reliable solutions due to the sensitive nature of the business. our Banking solution offers : Self Service Solution (Multifunction ATMs, Multi Function Kiosk, ATVMs), ATM Switch ( Electronic Fund Transfer Switch), Note Counting and Note Sorter Machine, Mobile Financial Solution (Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, Mobile Commerce) , E-Payment Systems & Services (Bill Payment, Recharge, Ticketing, Image Based Cheque Processing), System Integration & Product Distributor (Retail POS/ ECRS, Note Counting Machine, Note Sorter).

We also have software solution for Insurance Company.


Our Telecom solution offers product ranges such as Data Centre Infrastructure, Value Added Services, CRM, Network Management System and many more.


In today worlds it’svery difficult to manage any company business manuallywhere you need to manage customer data base, company cost & profit, customer demand and supplies. We at Kazinga Channel offer Enterprise Resource Planning Software where by clicking one button you can get any report within seconds.

We offer ERP Software for Manufacturing Plant, Hospitals, Hotels, educational institution and Real estates.


We at Kazinga Channel listen corporate company’s needs, demands and requirements and we offer our tailor made solutions to meet the customer requirements. We also ensure that the solutions we provide gives better TCO to our customers. We have end to end solution for our corporate customers.


For any country solutions are the prime factors to ensuring that the government is better suited to serve its people. Kazinga Channel Office world limited are committed to assisting in efforts towards good governance by playing our part in being a key reliable and dependable entity when it comes to offering Products and support to the government though our specialized delivery of IT solutions to the government.

In government, we are at the forefront of providing quick, dependable and sustainable technologies such as; Data Centre integrated solution, Network & Security, E-Governance Service & Solution among others.