Kazinga Channel provides procurement planning, for its projects. Supply Chain team provides seamless co-ordination & procurement, globallyfrom LOI to delivery at site. It has warehouse, providing safe storage

Kazinga Channel is a trusted supplier and installer of Physical Security for companies, with a proven track record of installations at Various premises ranging from Manufacturing, hotels, government offices, schools, banks, to retails, and we have the required experience to integrate relevant different solutions according to client premises, surveillance & access control needs. CCTV cameras can also be installed to monitor health and safety of employees working in dangerous areas. Camera surveillance is often used as a deterrent to wrong activities in premises or for remote surveillance, designed to reduce management costs.

Access control solution provides control over, all unauthorized access to your premises, thus minimizing liability and loss. You can keep track of who goes into and out of the premises, and you also get to control/monitor the access to the premises.


As business grows rapidly, having a robust, flexible, reliable and scalable Data Centre infrastructure is imperative to respond to todays’ business demands. Kazinga Channel helps its customer to design, supply & apply Data Centres, with technological expertise, strong partnerships with key vendors and superior project management. An organization faces increasing demands on data center network capacity, flexibility and functionality. As end users’ needs continue to grow, so does the cost of doing business. Kazinga Channel strives to improve security and resiliency, deliver better service, and embrace new technology; all in tight budget.


* Design linked to your business requirements
* Reduces the risks associated with unplanned upgrades
* Eases your networking challenges
* Speedier return on investment


* Servers
* Storage
* Networking infrastructure and Network Cabling
* Air Conditioning
* Security – CCTV/ACS
* Sensors – Water, Humidity, Temperature
* Raised Floors
* False ceiling


Today’s business environment demands, that their infrastructure aligns with its dynamic business requirements. Kazinga Channel delivers end-to-end, effective and reliable IT solutions that can transform your business operations. We provide you with superior solutions, aligned to your requirement.


* Converged Networks

* Managed Security Services

* IP Telephony

* Network Consulting

* Servers, Workstations and Software

* Network Security

* Wireless Infrastructure

* Structured Cabling Solutions – Copper & Fiber

* Maintenance


IPTV is a technology for distributing TV content in digital format. The signal is delivered through your IT network.

IPTV is user friendly and allows easy navigation of channels. HITV is designed for the Hospitality sector to provide in-room entertainment and information services. Digital Signage is a powerful means of visual communication, to inform, educate, entertain or influence end-users, used extensively in today’s business environment. High Speed Internet Access is a very important service for guests today, for delivery of a consistent Internet service through wireless and/or wired applications, for overall guest satisfaction and revenue generation opportunities.


Kazinga Channel has considerable experience and skills in the management of designing, testing and commissioning of complex integrated systems.

It employs manufacturers’ recommendations and best industry practices.